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Welcome to One Easy Stop, where sending parcels has never been simpler! Our price comparison website takes pride in providing the services of the world's largest couriers, all at prices that can be up to 60% cheaper than going direct. In fact, we beat most parcel postage rates, making One Easy Stop your go-to choice for affordable and reliable parcel delivery.

Our parcel quotes include all applicable surcharges, ensuring transparency in pricing. It's worth noting that our courier prices are determined by the size and weight of your parcel, with charges based on whichever is greater. To discover how much it costs to send a parcel and the potential savings on your courier expenses, use our quick quote parcel price comparison tool. Compare prices from a diverse range of courier services effortlessly.

If you're sending a large parcel, keep in mind that its size may impact the overall cost, and additional surcharges may apply to your parcel quote. We rely on the accurate weight and dimensions you provide to offer the best parcel delivery prices, so please ensure the information you entered is correct.

Explore more about how to send a parcel with ease at One Easy Stop. Yor one-stop solution for convenient and affordable parcel delivery.

Address Correction

In the event that you provide an incorrect address, and it becomes necessary for us to amend the address to ensure successful parcel delivery, a charge of £9.15 per shipment will be applied to our regular courier prices.

Why the Address Correction Charge: Providing an inaccurate address can lead to various complications such as misrouting of your parcel, loading onto the wrong delivery vehicle, or being placed on an incorrect transit flight. To rectify these issues and ensure the accurate and timely delivery of your parcel, an administrative charge is applied. This charge covers the costs associated with correcting the address and rerouting your parcel to the correct destination.

The following information will explain everything you need to know about customs and what to consider when sending a worldwide parcel delivery.

At One Easy Stop, we strive to deliver your parcels efficiently, and we encourage accurate address information to avoid any disruptions in the delivery process. Please ensure the correctness of the provided address to minimize the need for address corrections and associated charges. If you have any concerns or questions, feel free to reach out to our customer support team for assistance.

Customs Clearance Surcharges

Customs Clearance Overview:

At One Easy Stop, we offer door-to-door international delivery services, and our prices include the transportation of your parcel along with most customs clearance costs. However, it's important to note that our prices do not encompass all customs charges, duties, and taxes imposed by the customs authorities in the destination country. Customs is a government body that governs the import of all goods, and their charges are beyond our control, directly applied by the local customs authorities.

Duty & Tax Advance

One Easy Stop provides the option to pre-pay duties, taxes, and other government charges on your behalf. A fee will be charged based on the advanced amount.

  • £15 minimum or 25% of the advanced amount, whichever is greater.
Normally, when goods are dutiable, customs may request pre-payment for duty and tax charges. If you have credit facilities with One Easy Stop, we can pay these charges on your behalf, charging an administration fee for the service. Get a credit facility with One Easy Stop [Link to Credit Facility Information]

Handover to Broker

For those instances where a shipment or paperwork needs to be handed over to a third-party broker to complete customs clearance on your receiver's behalf, a surcharge of £25 per shipment will be applied to your parcel quote.

Our charges already include customs clearance, but if receivers prefer to use their own broker for customs clearance, we offer a service to expedite the process at an additional cost. We hand over the paperwork to the receiver's chosen broker to facilitate clearance, and upon completion, they notify us, and we proceed with the delivery. This is an optional and chargeable service

Choose from our range of additional services to tailor your international shipping experience at One Easy Stop. If you have any questions or require further clarification, please contact our customer support team for assistance.

Warehouse storage charges

Please be aware of our storage charge policy, which is applied when your shipment is held in the courier's warehouse for more than 3 days while awaiting customs clearance. A storage charge of £5 per day will be incurred.

Details of the Storage Charge:

  • Charge: £5 per day
  • Trigger: Applied when a shipment is held in the courier's warehouse for more than 3 days during the customs clearance process.

Reasons for Storage Charges:

When a shipment is held for customs clearance, and additional information is requested from either the sender or receiver, the courier is required to store the goods on your behalf. If there is no response from either the sender or receiver for more than 3 days, storage charges are then applied to cover the cost of additional storage.

Notification Process:

In situations where goods are held in customs, we will promptly notify both you and the receiver via email, informing you of the issue and requesting further information. It is crucial to respond promptly to any such notifications to avoid unnecessary storage charges.

At One Easy Stop, we strive to keep you informed and provide transparent information about any associated charges. If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact our customer support team for assistance. Your cooperation in responding to customs-related queries is appreciated.

Optional Upgrades

Welcome to One Easy Stop, your reliable partner in hassle-free parcel delivery. Explore our Optional Upgrades for an enhanced shipping experience:

Parcel Protection: One Easy Stop values the security of your parcels. Enjoy £50 free parcel protection as a standard feature*. For added peace of mind, opt for additional protection up to maximum of £20,000 per shipment. Utilize the tool below to calculate the cost of extra protection for your shipment.


Learn more about our comprehensive parcel protection, ensuring your shipments are safeguarded throughout their journey.
*Excluding EVRi deliveries

Signature Required
Introducing the Signature Required Option at One Easy Stop.

For added security and peace of mind, you now have the option to ensure that your shipment is not released without a signature.

More information on Signature Required:

While One Easy Stop typically requires a signature for each delivery, some countries permit the courier to opt for 'driver release,' meaning they can deliver to a pre-determined location at the receiver's address, such as a porch or with a neighbour, without obtaining a signature. Opting for the 'Signature Required' option empowers you to prevent the courier from releasing the parcel without obtaining a signature.

Choose the Signature Required Option during the parcel booking process to enhance the security of your deliveries. At One Easy Stop, we prioritize the safety and reliability of your shipments. At One Easy Stop, we aim to keep you informed about any additional charges to ensure transparency in your parcel delivery experience. Please be aware of the following manual handling charges carries:

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