Buy your products online anywhere in the world!

The idea is that anyone can buy goods online from the UK, Europe, Asia and North and South America and we will provide an address in that country so that the online company can send locally and then the provider will send to their address worldwide.

User Features:

Easy Sign-Up:

  • Users register on the OES Platform like they normally do.
  • We give them a unique code (MUC) to put in their shipping address. This helps our OES Partners know where to send the parcel.

Pick a Country:

  • Users pick the country where they want their parcels to go. We provide details of local companies there, making it smooth for customers to send their parcels.

Alerts and Pictures:

  • Users can log alerts for their chosen Mailbox partner, sharing details like provider name, tracking number, order number, and even upload pictures or documents related to their shipment.

Manage Shipments:

  • Cancel shipments if needed.
  • Check their purchase history, organized by the country where they bought the product.

Messaging System:

  • Use the built-in messaging system to talk to Mailbox providers. Share info, ask questions, and send pictures or documents related to parcels.

Mailbox Provider Features:

Customer Alerts:

  • Mailbox providers get alerts from customers about their shipments. Details include provider name, tracking number, order number, product description, and parcel weight. Pictures and documents can also be uploaded.

Shipment Approval:

  • Providers can approve shipments received at their warehouse, triggering a notification to customers.
  • Customers get an email saying their purchase is received, and they need to pay for delivery.

Payment Confirmation:

  • Providers approve shipments to the final destination after confirming payment for delivery.
  • Customers receive an email confirming payment and that their parcel is ready for dispatch.

Label Creation and History:

  • Providers input destination details, weight, and dimensions to create labels with different logistics providers.
  • Providers can check a detailed history of all shipments done using the Mailbox service.
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