Labelling and Packaging Criteria
Ensuring the Safe Transit of Your Package with One Easy Stop

At One Easy Stop, we prioritize the safe and secure transit of your packages. Please be aware that during transit, your package will undergo multiple handling processes and may have other packages placed on top of it. To safeguard your shipment and enable you to claim compensation if necessary, it's crucial to ensure that your packaging is robust enough to withstand the rigors of courier transportation.

Key Criteria for Secure Packaging

To help you guarantee the security of your package, please review the following criteria:

  • Strength and Durability

    Ensure that your packaging is strong and durable to withstand handling during transit.

  • Protection Against Compression

    Packages may have items placed on top of them. Make sure your packaging provides adequate protection against compression.

  • Review Packaging Guidelines

    Familiarize yourself with our packaging guidelines, available on our website, to ensure your packages meet the necessary standards for safe transit.

How One Easy Stop Can Assist You

One Easy Stop is here to assist you in ensuring the security of your package during transit. We offer guidance and support to help you meet the necessary packaging criteria. Visit our packaging guidelines page on our website for detailed information on how to properly package your items.

We understand the importance of your shipments arriving in excellent condition, and we encourage you to take proactive steps in packaging to mitigate the risk of damage during transportation.

For further assistance or any questions regarding packaging, feel free to reach out to our customer support team. One Easy Stop is committed to providing a reliable and secure parcel delivery experience for all our customers.

Packaging Criteria:

One Easy Stop Packaging Guidelines:

To ensure the safe and secure transit of your shipments, please adhere to the following packaging guidelines when using One Easy Stop.

  • Select a New, Rigid Box:

    Use a new, rigid box with flaps intact that is strong enough for your goods. Refer to our Box Strength Guidelines for appropriate box selection.

  • Weight-Based Box Recommendations:

    Over 10kg: Double-lined corrugated box.
    Over 30kg: Triple-lined corrugated box.
    Over 40kg: Rigid wooden box or pallet. Declare pallet dimensions at the point of booking.
  • Pallet Usage Considerations:

    Note that some carriers like UPS may not accept pallets and may remove them if used. Declare pallet dimensions during booking to receive accurate quotes from pallet-accepting couriers.

  • Label and Marking Removal:

    Remove any labels and markings from the box.

  • Secure Box Closure:

    Use strong shipping tape, ensuring secure closure with tape running three times in both directions across the box and joints.

  • Cushioning and Filling:

    Use adequate cushioning material and fill the box completely to prevent movement or empty spaces inside.

  • Protection for Fragile Items:

    For large, fragile items like electronic equipment or machinery, suspend the product inside the box using molded polystyrene specifically tailored to the product.

  • Isolation of Products:

    Ensure products do not touch the walls of the box and are suspended in packaging material.

  • Individual Wrapping:

    Wrap all items separately.

  • Avoid Outer Encasement:

    Do not encase the outer packaging with paper or plastic, and refrain from using string.

  • Address Labeling:

    Use a single address label with both delivery and return information. Place a duplicate address label inside the package.

  • Palletization for Heavy Shipments:

    If the package weighs more than 70 kg, palletize the goods.

  • Accessibility for Loading:

    Ensure that goods are accessible for vehicle loading using a tail-lift, as One Easy Stop does not provide removal or lifting services.

By following these guidelines, you contribute to the safe and reliable delivery of your shipments through One Easy Stop. For any further clarification or assistance, please contact our customer support team.

At a Glance:

Absolutely! Proper packaging is crucial to ensure the safe and secure transit of your items. Here are some key tips:

  • Use Good Strong Packaging:

    Select a sturdy and durable box that is appropriate for the size and weight of your item.

  • Add Lots of Cushioning:

    Use ample cushioning material inside the box to provide a protective barrier around your item. This could include bubble wrap, foam peanuts, or other suitable materials.

  • Wrap Your Item Well:

    Wrap your item securely with bubble wrap or other protective materials. Ensure that fragile or delicate parts are adequately covered.

  • Seal the Box Well:

    Use strong packaging tape to seal the box securely. Make sure to reinforce all seams and corners to prevent the box from opening during transit.

Remember, the goal is to minimize movement within the box and provide a protective layer that absorbs any potential shocks or impacts during handling. Taking these steps will increase the chances of your item arriving at its destination in the same condition it was sent. If you have any specific requirements or concerns, feel free to reach out to the One Easy Stop customer support team for guidance.

Labeling Criteria

Shipping Label Instructions for One Easy Stop:

  • Printing Options:

    You have the option to either print the shipping label or email it to yourself or someone else.

  • Compatible Printers:

    You can use any laser printer to print the shipping label.

  • Label Copies:

    Typically, One Easy Stop prints two copies of the shipping label for each parcel.

    The spare label should be handed to the collecting courier.

  • Label Attachment:

    Attach a shipping label to each package.

  • Use Documents Enclosed Pouch:

    Utilize a Documents Enclosed Pouch to secure and protect the shipping label on the outside of the package.

Following these instructions ensures that your shipping labels are printed or emailed as needed, and securely attached to your packages for easy identification and handling during the shipping process. If you have any questions or encounter issues, please contact the One Easy Stop customer support team for assistance.

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